Hello & welcome! I'm Cee Thena, and I'm a psychic medium and mind-body-spirit coach, known for my ability to connect people with their friends, family, and pets on the Other Side. I offer reiki healing energy sessions, private readings and mind-body-spirit coaching. I also teach mediumship and psychic development classes, and I'm currently open for a limited number of bookings per week. I look forward to meeting with you!

Peace and love,


"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."~ Julian of Norwich ~

Join Nichole Bigley and Cee Thena as they interview expert guests about all things psychic for kids, teens, their parents and caretakers in their new podcast, A Psychic's Story: Kids' Edition.

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"Since a young child, Cee Thena grew up having premonitions and seeing dead people and angels. But it wasn’t until her late 20’s that she began to accept her gifts and sought to develop them ultimately being able to hear, smell, feel and get psychic information from higher powers.

"After being diagnosed with a rare disease that eventually made her bed-bound for several years, Cee began to study mind-body medicine. Since then, and after three near death experiences, Cee is in remission from all diseases and works to help others on the road to recovery and wellness.

"In this episode of A Psychic’s Story, Cee talks about psychic development for children and how adults can support them through their spiritual experiences and evolution. So, if you’re a parent, teacher or loved one of a gifted child and want to learn ways to help them navigate their spiritual and intuitive experiences then this episode is for you."

-Nichole Bigley, "A Psychic's Story"