About Cee

Cee Thena grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, seeing dead people and angels, and having premonitions from the time she was a young child. She did not begin exploring her gifts, however, until her late 20's, when she began having face-to-face encounters with Jesus Christ, and His Mother Mary, as well as various Angels, saints, and ghosts. Eventually, she was no longer just seeing specters, but hearing, smelling, feeling, and getting psychic information from them, as well. Seeking answers, Cee contacted several intuitive healers, including Lillian Savoie, who taught her to accept and develop her unusual gifts.

Ever in search of answers, Cee began studying mind-body medicine. She was diagnosed with a rare disease when she was in her early teens, which eventually made her bed-bound for several years when she was in her 30's. After three near-death experiences, and having been told by doctors that she would never walk or live a normal life again, Cee's intuition (and her Spiritual Support Team) told her that healing was hers to have, if she looked in the right places. She became a certified mind-body life coach, and is proud of the fact that she is completely healed, and in remission from all diseases, cancers, and mental blocks that made her so sick for so long. It is her most sincere hope that she can combine both her gifts as a medium, healer, and coach, with that of her life experiences, to help others on the road to complete recovery and wellness-- in mind, body, and spirit.

Cee currently resides in Williamsburg, Virginia, with her pup, Tala. Her classes & offerings can be found here. Private sessions can be booked here.