Healing Resources

Over the years, I've read and collected information about how to heal myself. Listed below are some of the resources that have helped me on my own journey to physical and emotional healing; I hope that they will help you, too. 

If you are interested in exploring ways to implement some of this incredible information, please reach out to me for a coaching session.

Peace, peace, and more peace,


Healing Videos

Fred Amir's story and recovery plan for overcoming back and neck pain was one of the first that I heard when I was in so much pain, I couldn't even stand (I was literally in a wheelchair). I highly recommend giving this a listen if you're experiencing chronic pain and are ready to "trade pain for peace".

You can also connect with Fred HERE and take advantage of the resources that he has available.

This is a quick video explaining how the brain signals the body and expresses pain.

For more information like this, and to connect with others who have shared their stories of healing, click HERE to access the TMS Wiki. 

Healing Books

Messages from the Body

Messages from the Body by Michael J. Lincoln, Ph.D. (Preview not available)

Healing Podcasts

Healing Websites

Healing Apps


Insight Timer

The Tapping Solution

*Available in Google & Apple app stores*

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