for Psychic Mediumship 101:


Explore various ways to communicate with deceased loved ones, your guardian angels, and your Spiritual Support Team through a journey of self-discovery and an awakening of your own psychic abilities and gifts. 

Psychic Mediumship 101 is a beginner class and a prerequisite to Psychic Mediumship 102. Psychic Mediumship 101 is open to anyone who is curious about mediumship and communicating with those who have crossed over to the Other Side.

Classes are conducted via Google Meet twice weekly, from 8:00-10:00pm ET (5:00-7:00pm PT), for an entire month. Registration will close the last day of the preceding month*, or when the class has reached capacity (seating is limited to 30).

Class offerings include lectures, followed by one-on-one practice (yes, that means readings!), and immediate feedback from the instructor. 

All students are added to the Psychic Mediumship Google classroom, where study aids are posted and students can practice outside of class.

Cost is $200 per month per student. Scholarships are available for anyone who may be facing a hardship. Please send a request HERE.

Teens ages 14 and up are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian present.

*Classes are not being offered at this time. To sign up for mentorship in lieu of classes, please click HERE.