A Psychic's Story: Kids' Edition 


Join Nichole Bigley and Cee Thena as they interview expert guests about all things psychic for kids, teens, their parents and caretakers in their new podcast, 

A Psychic's Story: Kids' Edition.

Check out Season One wherever you get podcasts.

Psychic Ability for Kids & Teens

Check out the following video featuring Cee Thena and other experts as they discuss psychic ability for kids & teens, and ways to support their caregivers and friends. 

Join our community over at Facebook with a private group that was created especially for parents, guardians, teachers, and friends of psychic kids and teens. Ask questions, share concerns, and connect with others in a space that provides support and encouragement.

Please refer to the Psychic Development and Psychic Mediumship class offerings for teens ages 14 and up.  We are currently developing a program for psychic kids & teens.

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